"We think in generations" - sustainable and long-term success is our top priority. Continuous improvements secure the future of our company. Conserving resources and minimising CO2 emissions are the guiding principles of our actions.

We have already been certified with regard to environmental management (DIN ISO 14001) since 2014.

Carbon footprint

Since 2021, we have established a carbon footprint (Scope 1 and 2) and are continuously working to further reduce our CO2 emissions.

Sustainable NABU products

The sustainable development and production of our NABU products is our top priority. This includes, above all, using environmentally friendly raw materials and reducing raw materials that are harmful to the environment.

We have a wide range of products that save CO2. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Low-temperature degreasing

Our low-temperature degreasers perform excellently at low temperatures compared to conventional degreasers. This not only benefits the environment and the climate, but also means enormous energy savings.

ecoEnergy saving
ecoCO2 savings

Solvent free cleaners

Mildly alkaline, solvent-free cleaning agents are the perfect climate-friendly and sustainable substitute for solvent-based products.

ecoVOC free
ecoCO2 savings

Degreasing and pickling agents in powder form

Degreasing and pickling agents in powder form

ecoCO2 savings
ecoWater saving
ecoTransport savings

Sustainable packaging

We also place great emphasis on sustainability when packaging our pre-treatment chemicals. In addition to collection and reconditioning, our large IBCs are the perfect ecological packaging with a high proportion of high-quality recycled material. This means an additional CO2 saving of 6.8 kg per IBC.

Our contribution to climate protection

Plant trees

We have planted a meadow orchard with apple trees on the NABU premises. On the one hand, to help nature achieve more biodiversity and, on the other hand, to make our contribution to climate protection.

Lower temperature

We lowered the temperature in production by 1 degree in autumn 2022 and thus used 1,103 litres less heating oil than in the previous year. This corresponds to 2,934kg less CO2. This is how much is consumed, for example, on a return flight per person, economy class, from Munich to Chicago.

Optimum insulation

Thanks to the optimally insulated building envelope of the new production facility, we save 105,297 kWh of heating oil (thermal energy) per year or have become that much more efficient. This is enough to circumnavigate the globe 4 times with a combustion car.

Train instead of car

Whenever possible, we use the train instead of the car for our business trips.

To work on foot or by bike

Many NABU employees come to work on foot or by bicycle.

Industrial trucks with electric drive

Conversion of industrial trucks from diesel to electric drive

Energy efficiency through heat recovery

Use of process heat for heating buildings and process water