NABU-Application technology

The focal point of our business is the application technology. Here is where we develop and improve our intelligent products. The NABU application technology experts are your competent contact persons for all questions about the pre-treatment of metals. They guide you through an on-site current state analysis, and based on the facts, they advise you about the appropriate surface treatment.

Even after the initial operational start-up our chemists are standing at the side of our customers and are continuously optimising the process. In our own laboratories the experts analyse the customers' bath samples. In addition to that they carry through adherence and corrosion tests.

New technology
"Our internal technical service center allows us to simulate the customers' work steps. That way we can improve excising processes and develop new future technologies."

Laboratory and Analyses

To reach a stable pre-treatment process regularly bath controls are required. Aside from that we see it as our duty to continuously optimize your process. For this purpose in our laboratory is an extensive testing equipment and test procedure available. We offer the following tests and analyses:
  • Analyses of your bath sample
  • Mechanical test for example
  • Cross cutting after DIN EN ISO 2409; Boiling test, Impact test after ASTM D 2749
  • Corrosion protection tests:
    - Salt spray tests (NSS,AASS) after DIN EN ISO 9227:2006
    - Filiform corrosion test after DIN EN 3665
    - Condensed water constant climate test after DIN EN ISO 6270-2

Sample treatment

In order to meet the exact chemical selection on your equipment, your requirements and your system technology, we do in advance a sample treatment including coating. Afterwards the samples will be tested in our internal corrosion tests.


It is our philosophy to give comprehensive support and advice to our customers. Either on-site or in our laboratory and technical service center in Stulln we offer your employees special training courses that are modified to your plant or product combination. Besides that we offer seminars to the general theme of surface pre-treatment, especially analytic and correct bath management.


Minimizing environmental impact and acting sustainable is very important to us at NABU. Great importance is attached to reducing waste. Recycling and responsible disposal have high priority. As a service, we offer our customers to take back their packaging. IBCs via the manufacturer's return ticket. For all other packaging, please contact us at