Pre-treatment of metal

Visions for metals - NABU-Oberflächentechnik GmbH is a specialist in pre-treatment of metals

NABU-Oberflächentechnik develops, produces and sells special chemistry for the pre-treatment of aluminium, zinc, magnesium, iron and galvanised steel. The range includes products for degreasing, cleaning, pickling, deoxidising, passivating, stripping or sealing for anodising.

The focus is on eco-friendly and chrome free technologies for wet and powder coating and for coil coating.
In the field of powder coating is Nabutan 310 the first alternative pre-treatment system approved by GSB and Qualicoat in Germany.

In case of iron/steel, NABU offers cost-effective and low-maintenance processes as alternative for zinc phosphating, which achieve equal adhesion and corrosion protection.

Motivated staff ensures a fast and uncomplicated order processing. A well-educated team in chemistry and interested sales partner enable together a high technical competence in consultation on-site.