Ecofriendly pre-treatment of aluminium

Green chemistry for the pre-treatment of metals is the future!

The term “environmentally friendly” is part of the philosophy of NABU. It means focussing on biologically degradable raw materials and avoiding hazardous substances.

Since 1996, NABU-Oberflächentechnik GmbH is pioneer in the chrome free technology for aluminium, especially with the product Nabutan 310. However, the product range of the green chemistry contains further products, which are non-toxic or maximally irritant, free of phosphate and easily degradable concerning wastewater.

A sample product of the environmental friendly series of NABU is the powder form product Nabuclean®211"greenline". It is a borate-free degreaser for aluminium, steel and suitable for KTL pre-treatment. The product contains “green” substances and due to its mild formulation, it is not aggressive. With a concentration of 5%, the remove of Al 99,5 at 60°C is < 3,5 g/[m2*h]. Nabuclean®211"greenline" degreases the treated surface up to waterproofing and at the same time removes grinding and polishing pastes.

Based on the targeted selection of raw materials Nabuclean®211"greenline" - baths possess a very good service life.
Nabuclean®211"greenline" does not cause steady emulsification of oils/greases. Oils will separate and come to the surface in the resting phase.
Nabuclean®211"greenline" is for the use in dipping systems.