REACH Helpdesk

Are the products from NABU-Oberflächentechnik GmbH REACH compliant?

All of the raw materials that we use are REACH compliant.  That means that all the materials that we use are also registered with ECHA.

Are my products that I use from the SVHC list(Substances of Very High Concern) affected?

Basically, except for a few exceptions, the product series Nabural® and Pantex are affected.  If you are unsure if your product falls under the SVHC list, please contact us and we will test it for you.

How can I find out when new products are affected by the SHVC list?

We control the SVHC list periodically.  If new substances are added to the list, that affects our products, our customer will be informed in writing.

How long can I still receive an affected product and/or when would it be prohibited?

We are striving to improve the affected products and to abide by the law or regulations.  Our goal is to trade out the substances of very high concern and replace them with less hazardous materials.  This is not always possible, some products have to be taken from the market. Thus, for example the product from the Nabural® series will more than likely completely vanish from the market by the middle of 2016.  To ensure a smooth transition, it is very important to get informed early enough about our chrome free alternative.

Do you have alternative products for the chemicals that I have been using up to now?

Yes we have them.  You can use for example chromatising techniques which can be exchanged with our tried and tested chrome free pre-treatment.  Please request information as early as possible from us about an alternate possibility.

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