The current trend is environmental friendliness

Borate-free degreaser Nabuclean®211"greenline" – now with improved formulation

The powder form product Nabuclean®211"greenline", a product from the environmental friendly series

NABU®211"greenline", it is a degreaser product for aluminium. It is also for steel and is composed of environmental friendly agents. Also suitable for the KTL pre-treatment. With the new improved formulation it is more effective than ever.

Nabuclean®211"greenline" is not aggressive due to its mild formulation. With a concentration of 5% the amount that is removed is on Al 99, 5 at 60°C < 3 g/m 2h.  Nabuclean®211"greenline" degreases the treated surface up to waterproofing and at the same time removes grinding and polishing pastes.

Based on the targeted selection of raw materials Nabuclean®211"greenline" - baths possess a very good service life.

Nabuclean®211"greenline" does not cause steady emulsification of oils/greases.  Oils will separate and come to the surface in the resting phase.  At that point the oils may be effortlessly separated.  Nabuclean®211"greenline" is also used in dipping systems.