NABU - inspiration for the district of Schwandorf

Future Prize is awarded in the category "companies" to the NABU-Oberflächentechnik GmbH

The Club " Partner für den Landkreis Schwandorf " awarded on 30th November for the sixth time, the future prices in 2015, this time in the category "Environment".

The prize is awarded since 2010 in the categories of business, culture and education, and that of services, projects or developments that affect the district positively. District Administrator Thomas Ebeling knows that the previous winners are very proud of these experienced honors and prices like that adorn the entrance halls of the companies or schools.

On the basis of a film is presented the 19 institutions and individuals who had applied for the award or had been proposed. At the end of the Gala, the secret was revealed and given to the winners announced. In addition to the created by the artist Paul Nabburger Schinner Award, there was additional prize money.

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