Our philosophy: that is how to spell NABU

The company's philosophy is described integral in the initials of our company's name:  Nachhaltig (sustainable), Ausbildend (apprenticing), Besonders (specific), Umweltschonend (environmentally friendly)- our sustainable maxim built the common roof  for the slogan "Visions for Metals":

Nachhaltig (sustainable)


We look for long-term success and stand for slow but continuous growth.

Ausbildend (apprenticing)


We ensure the future of our company with a continuous apprenticeship program for young people in our region.

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Besonders (specific)


Our employees take a particular effort for the legitimate interests of our customers and try to develop the optimal solution for their needs.

Umweltschonend (environmentally friendly)


We focus on biodegradable raw materials in the product development and avoid as much as possible the materials that are environmentally harmful. With the initiative of using chrome-free, non-toxic and partially renewable materials it has made it possible to create a new product series, the "NABU Greenline".

Visions for Metals

„We want to offer the most innovative and the best possible customer-orientated solution for the pre-treatment of metal.  Issues relevant for the future will have some influence in the development of our products."

Dipl.-Ing (FH) Christian Ruhland