Mastermind: the certified chrome-free process

NABU® does not wait,  we are observant to the German as well as the European markets and legislators.  As innovators we realize when we have to act instead of simply waiting to react. As of 2016 hexevalant chrome (Chromium VI) will be prohibited.  The users will have to have switched over to a chrome-free process by that time.  In the chrome-free process  NABU® is the leader in Germany.

A large amount of the contract coating companies in Germany are already using the NABU® chrome-free process.  We recognized the "trend of the time" early on, and focused on a chrome-free alternative process from the USA.  This chrome-free process has positively undergone a 10-year real-life durability test.  This allows our prospective customers to resort to a long-lasting durable pre-treatment system.

The chrome-free product from NABU® is certified and has also reached stage 4:  to release this product with GSB International (a quality association) certification, the product has to have positively passed all stages 1 through 4.  The GSB seal is proof of high-quality consistency for coating thus being the best selling point.

Chrome-free wet-chemistry

"The wet-chemistry (chrome-free) pre-treatment, undergone before the enamel coating, would not be possible without the know-how of the exact application.  At NABU® this is one of our core competencies. The customer is comprehensively and optimally advised by our specialists."